Exchange of Diploma and Bachelor Thesis Topics for Interregional Academic Cooperation

We would like to offer our students a profound and wide-ranging education. Therefore, the partner universities are cooperating especially in the fields of Bachelor and Master Thesis topics. Below you will find some topics, provided by the universities of both countries together or in cooperation. 


Topics for Master´s thesis:


Hardware oriented:

“Design and Implementation of a Printed Circuit Board for ex vivo Lung Transportation Hardware – mCM (mobile Circulatory Module)”

Design and test implementation of a PCB for sensor connection, data acquisition and standardised wireless transmission via Bluetooth. Sensors to be included are temperature, flow, pressure and reservoir filling sensors. Tasks of the electronics include data acquisition and transmission as well as pump motor control via pressure and flow values.


Software oriented:

“Implementation and Testing of a Standardised Data Transmission Protocol for Organ Specific Data Combined with the mCM (mobile Circulatory System)”

Implementation of a standardised data transmission protocol and interface for wireless transmission of medical data. The data has to be processed and stored, allowing data transmission using given medical informatics standards, CDA generation and postprocessing like statistical analysis and evaluation.

“LUMOR: an App for Standardized Control and Monitoring of a Porcine Lung”

A mobile circulatory module (MCM) is developed, that ensures and monitors the flow of nutrient fluid through a porcine lung. Via a Bluetooth connection between the MCM and an Android-tablet, a modified ISO/IEEE 11073 standard is used as protocol. In this way, physiological parameters, alarms and setpoint values can be transmitted and displayed on the tablet's GUI.


Topics for Bachelor´s thesis:


Software oriented:

“Development of an Android based mobile interface for controlling a LabView based mechanical lung simulator”

Implementation of an interface for wireless control of a National Instruments LabView based control unit. The user interface should be mobile using an Android device as platform and should allow the observation and active change of breathing parameters of a mechanical lung simulator. Interfaces on both ends and the setup of a wireless connection as well as the design of a usable GUI have to be designed and implemented.