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9.-11. July 2017 Scientific contribution @International Conference on Informatics, Management and Technology in Healthcare 2017
24 May 2017 Best Poster Award for Matthias Frohner, team member of Innovate @eHealth Summit 2017
23./24. May 2017 Project presentation and three scientific contributions @eHealth Summit 2017
18. May 2017 Article in DerStandard "FH Technikum Wien forscht an sicheren Medizin-Apps"
21. Dezember 2016 Article in FEEI "Sichere IT-Infrastruktur für Medizin-Apps: FH Technikum Wien forscht an Sicherheitsbausteinen"
20. Dezember 2016 Article in futurezone "Mit Software-Bausteinen zu sicheren Medizin-Apps"
November 2016 Innovate is listed as "Best Practice" for Open Innovation
15. September 2016 Project Proposal @Master Biomedical Engineering
1. September 2016 Project Start

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