Die REHABitation-Database, die Ergebnismatrix, ist eines der Hauptergebnisse der ersten Phase des Projekts REHABitation. Die Datenbank wird als Kollaborationsplattform für externe ExpertInnen aus der Klinik der stationären, wie auch ambulanten rehabilitativen Behandlung, den Device- und Systemherstellern und den ExpertInnen des Projektteams genutzt.

Die Datenbank ist aus diesem Grund in Englischer Sprache umgesetzt und soll damit die internationale Kollaboration erleichtern.

Description of the REHABitation-Database:

This database has been set up to focus on exercises and the connected tools in rehabilitation processes. It draws attention to both, clinical, meaning stationary, exercises and tools and equipment which can be used in the personal environment. The modern and state-of-the-art technical design of the REHABitation database allows users to search through the entries and see the results in real-time. Therefore, the results are displayed continuously with every typed in character and the input can be modified according to the user’s requirements.
The main entry point of the REHABitation database is accessible by using the HOME button. The database provides a compressed overview of accumulated knowledge in a compact and application relevant form. The setup of the database allows active filtering of the entries or just of individual columns according to the user’s requirements. More detailed information can be accessed by utilising the DATABASE button and subsequently choose the desired sub-database showing additional and more detailed descriptions.The REHABitation database offers a wide variety of exercises, assessments, equipment and systems, that are being or/and can be used in the field of rehabilitation. Further information is given about the characteristics of the assessments (exercises) and the mobility of the available tools (equipment).
The interactive setup of the database allows internal links between each of the above mentioned components, leading to the availability of diverse entry points, depending on the field of interest of the individual user. The structure of the REHABitation database therefore offers the possibility to display exactly the information the individual user is looking for in minimal time and effort.

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